What is the vegan restaurant in nyc on netflix?

The strange story of Sarma Melngailis, who ran the vegan and raw food restaurant Pure Food and Wine, has been turned into a four-part documentary for Netflix. The raw vegan restaurant Pure Food And Wine was founded in 2004 as a collaboration between Melngailis and her then boyfriend, chef Matthew Kenney, with funding from restaurateur Jeffrey Chodorow. Melngailis founded one of the most popular vegan restaurants in New York City history, but then lost fame as quickly as it rose. The documentary series shows how Sarma Melngailis, owner of the vegan restaurant Pure Food and Wine and the related vegan raw product brand One Lucky Duck, met and married Anthony Strangis, a fraudster who, according to Melngailis, forced her to steal money from her own business and then flee from the authorities.

Bad Vegan premiered on Netflix on March 16 as a four-episode documentary that chronicles the fall of Sarma Melngailis, co-founder of Pure Food and Wine, a famous raw vegan restaurant in New York that attracted famous diners such as Alec Baldwin and Owen Wilson. According to Grub Street (opens in a new tab), the restaurant became known as vegan and glamorous, in a time before Impossible Burgers and all plant-based. Anyone who remembers the trendy vegan restaurant Pure Food and Wine, based in New York City, may care much more about its legendary raw vegan delicacies rather than the scandal that was apparently going on behind the scenes. Although the possibility of a future restaurant run by Melngailis is still up in the air, Bad Vegan fans will have the opportunity to try the food of two former Pure Food and Wine chefs.

From March 25th to 27th, anyone in New York City using Postmates can order a free meal for delivery or pickup at The Bad Vegan Kitchen. A three-course meal from The Bad Vegan Kitchen (opens in a new tab) prepared by chef Nikki Bennett, former head chef, and chef Missy Maidana, the former pastry chef, will be available on Postmates for one weekend only, from March 25 to 27.The former New York vegan restaurant Pure Food and Wine, which appears in Netflix's new documentary series Bad Vegan, will return the restaurant's most popular dishes to New York fans for the last time.