What is the vegan restaurant doc on netflix?

Netflix's 'Bad Vegan' is based on a true story, but it only scratches the surface of Restaurant World Crime: Eater. Netflix's latest true crime series about the strange fall of a Manhattan food star is based on our perennial fascination with scams. How did one of the best vegan restaurants become a story of fraud and fugitives? That is the central question of Netflix's latest scandalous documentary, Bad Vegan. He told the New York Post that if the opportunity presented itself to him to open a similar restaurant, “he would do it in the blink of an eye.” The trailer shows a small part of the drama that will take place in Bad Vegan and, with interviews with former employees, it is clear how much fanfare Melngailis produced with his restaurant.

While Bad Vegan isn't a film focused on food, it does focus on the scandal behind one of New York's most popular vegan restaurants, Pure Food And Wine. Netflix has unveiled a new four-part series about a controversial figure in the restaurant industry. A favorite of the New York food scene, she was a successful businessman and an example of healthy vegan living. Photographs and magazine covers of Melngailis appear, which consolidates the idea that it was not only the image of the brand, but also of the New York vegan cuisine of the time.