What is the number one vegan city in the world?

In these centers, it's hard to find a restaurant that doesn't have vegan options, Brent says. This quiet backpacker spot is a vegan paradise that offers plant-based Thai, Burmese, Indian, Chinese and Western cuisine. There are 32.2 vegan restaurants per 100,000 inhabitants, according to The Vegan Word, in addition to vegan cooking schools such as Mai Kaidee. According to The Vegan Word, there are 15.1 plant-based restaurants for every 100,000 people in Phuket.

Like Chiang Mai, the city also hosts its own vegetarian festival, which attracts locals and tourists alike every year, usually in September or October. The sunny capital of Portugal now has about 24 vegan restaurants open, and many cafés offer vegan versions of the city's infamous golden pastries and delicate crepes. Blogger and former Lisbon resident The Nomadic Vegan also says that the city is home to the most creative sushi options. Apparently, 40% of Taiwan's population is vegetarian, as most people follow Buddhist practices.

Buffet restaurants are very trendy and you can choose from a lot of local vegan dishes. For breakfast, you have plenty of options with all the fresh tropical fruit on offer. With more than 245 vegan restaurants in the city, Prague offers a lively dining scene suitable for vegans along with a lot of Eastern European history. Great vegan lunches and stews abound in the Czech capital, so get ready to enjoy.

The multicultural city of Tel Aviv is home to approximately 11.2 vegan and vegan-friendly restaurants per 100,000 people. Google searches won't give you a precise idea of how many people are committed to following vegan diets or buying vegan products, but Chef's Pencil says that the analysis does indicate that “there is an intention to take action on your diet in these cities”. This is partly due to greater ease of access to vegan options, according to Sam Calvert of the Vegan Society. Most lists of cities suitable for vegetarians or vegans are based on the number of vegetarian restaurants or cafes in a place, rather than on the number of people interested in practicing veganism.

That same year, the new mayor of Turin declared that the Italian city was the first “vegan city” in the world. With a population of just 290,000 people, Brighton, England, is a city where you'll never have to walk too far to find a delicious vegan spot. There's even a three-day vegan summer festival that's been going on for 21 years. VeganMania is one of the biggest vegan summer festivals in Europe and admission is free.

Six of the top 20 cities were in the U.S. In the US, and European and Australian cities also showed great interest in stopping eating meat. It also confirms that more than half (55 percent) of Australians and New Zealanders want to see greater access to vegan food in restaurants. It is believed that the influx of new vegan businesses in each of the recently listed cities is the reason for their change of luck.

Portland has a vegan summer camp, a punk music venue that also promotes veganism, a vegan mall, and even a vegan strip club. Cities were considered according to a number of criteria, including the number of vegan restaurants within a 10 km radius of the city center.