What city in the world has the most vegan options in restaurants?

People often call Berlin the vegan capital of the world, and with good reason. Like London, not only does it have a large number of vegan restaurants (although per capita they are not enough to make the list), but it also has many, many restaurants that offer vegan options. This quiet backpacker spot is a vegan paradise with plant-based Thai, Burmese, Indian, Chinese and Western cuisine. There are 32.2 vegan restaurants per 100,000 inhabitants, according to The Vegan Word, in addition to vegan cooking schools such as Mai Kaidee.

According to The Vegan Word, there are 15.1 plant-based restaurants for every 100,000 people in Phuket. Like Chiang Mai, the city also hosts its own vegetarian festival, which attracts locals and tourists alike every year, usually in September or October. The sunny capital of Portugal now has about 24 vegan restaurants open, and many cafés offer vegan versions of the city's infamous golden pastries and delicate crepes. Blogger and former Lisbon resident The Nomadic Vegan also says that the city is home to the most creative sushi options.

Apparently, 40% of Taiwan's population is vegetarian, as most people follow Buddhist practices. Buffet restaurants are one thing and you can choose from a lot of local vegan dishes. For breakfast, you're spoiled to choose from with all the fresh tropical fruit on offer. With more than 245 vegan restaurants in the city, Prague offers a lively dining scene suitable for vegans, along with a lot of Eastern European history.

The Czech capital has great vegan lunches and stews galore, so get ready to enjoy. Portland, Oregon, is the best city for vegetarians and vegans in the U.S. UU. Veganism has exploded in the U.S.

However, despite growing popularity, vegetarian diets aren't widely accepted in all of the U.S. I've been a vegetarian for 15 years and it can take hours to find restaurants willing to adapt to my diet when I travel to certain parts of the country. To help determine where meatless diners can get a decent and consistent meal, WalletHub researchers have published a study that evaluates the 100 most populated cities in the country based on 16 criteria in three different categories. To ensure affordability, they studied the cost of food for vegetarians, the availability of affordable restaurants suitable for vegetarians with high grades, and the average cost of a meal in each city.

They also wanted to understand the diversity, accessibility and quality of vegetarian and vegan food in each city, so they analyzed aspects such as the number of salad stores per capita, the proportion of restaurants that serve meat- and dairy-free options, the number of community gardens per capita and the availability of vegetarian cooking classes. Finally, the researchers worked to understand the vegetarian lifestyle in each city by studying the consumption of fruits and vegetables among residents and data from Grubhub on the places where diners are most likely to order a vegetarian or vegan meal. WalletHub then used a 100-point system to rate each city's metrics based on how favorable it was for vegans and vegetarians. Once the scores were counted, WalletHub weighted the average of all the metrics to find an overall score and put the cities in ranking order.

The results contain information on which cities are the best for vegetarians and vegans. Portland, Oregon, ranked first, while San Bernardino, California, came in last place. Scottsdale, Arizona, was not in the top 20, but it did have the highest proportion of restaurants serving vegetarian options, at 27.76%, as well as the highest proportion of restaurants with vegan options, at 16.01%. New York City is the 20th best city for vegans and vegetarians in the U.S.

Celebrate by taking a look at the 20 best cities for vegans and vegetarians in the U.S. The eighth place is Amsterdam, home of the popular Vegan Junk Food Bar chain, and a city that has experienced a 78 percent growth in vegan businesses in the last three years. The Thai city of Bangkok remains on last year's top 10 list, ranking number seven with its 130 fully vegan businesses. And the sixth place is firmly occupied by Los Angeles, where the number of vegan restaurants has doubled in the last six years.

Fifth in the middle goes to Singapore, a hub for everything related to vegan food technology. The island nation has 800 vegan-friendly establishments, of which 185 places are 100 percent vegan. Singapore's street vendor culture is also full of fully vegan stalls, such as the recently opened Xiu Xiu Fried Banana snack stand. New York City is in third place, and the concentration of 170 vegan restaurants within a 6.2 mile radius of the city center gave it an advantage over the others.

Here, plant-based options can be found in every category, from fast food (PLNT Burger) to exclusive products (P, S). From kitchen) to the most exclusive (Eleven Madison Park). Google searches won't give you a precise idea of how many people commit to vegan diets or buy vegan products, but Chef's Pencil says that the analysis does indicate that “there is an intention to take action on your diet in these cities.”. Anna Starostinetskaya is the senior news editor of VegNews and is always aware of everything related to vegan food in her hometown of San Francisco, California, and everywhere else.

According to Happy Cow, a collaborative list of vegetarian and vegan restaurants, London is the most vegan-friendly city in the world. Most lists of cities suitable for vegetarians or vegans are based on the number of vegetarian restaurants or cafes in a place, rather than on the number of people interested in practicing veganism. Veganism continues to grow in London, where Londoners can shop at La Fauxmagerie (the first vegan cheese factory in the United Kingdom); have dinner with a large group at Erpingham House (the largest vegan restaurant in the United Kingdom); and enjoy some fried chicken at two locations in The Temple of Seitan (the world's first vegan chicken shop). In that radio, HappyCow considered the number of fully vegan businesses and all restaurants (including vegans, vegetarians and vegetarians).

In these centers, it's hard to find a restaurant that doesn't have vegan options, Brent says. New York City ranked 20th on the list, but was just behind Scottsdale in terms of restaurants with vegetarian and vegan options. Using its own data collected from more than 180 countries, HappyCow determined which cities ranked best based on many factors, including the number of fully vegan restaurants within 10 km (6.2 miles) of each city center. It also analyzed the density of vegan companies per capita and compared the growth of vegan companies since its last annual report.

That same year, the new mayor of Turin declared that the Italian city was the first “vegan” city in the world. The HappyCow list follows the publication of a list of the five best vegan cities centered on the U.S. UU. by WalletHub, which compiled with data from TravelAdvisor.