Are there any gluten-free vegan restaurants in new york city?

Beyond sushi · Raw delicacies, vegan peanut butter cake. Although it is not 100% vegan (some dishes use fish with 26% egg content), the restaurant offers many plant-based and allergy-friendly options, such as bowls, salads, canapes and candies. After trying so many different places, here's a list of my favorite vegan-friendly and gluten-free restaurants, %26 New York City bakeries. MTHR Vegan presents a healthier, plant-based alternative to popular overprocessed and meat-focused restaurant chains.

This isn't a place for anyone on a diet, but the good news is that they offer some gluten-free options that can be hard to find at vegan comfort food restaurants. Each week, Blossom will donate a meal to the health staff at another hospital in the New York City area.